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How to Take Minutes at Board Meetings

In taking minutes at board meetings, there are many aspects that require attention. This job requires someone who is able to think ahead and pay attention while writing an extensive summary.

Meeting minutes are vital documents that reflect decisions made by the board. This is why they must be precise and reflect the discussions that were held during the meeting. It’s a good idea go over the agenda prior to the meeting so that you know what you must record during the meeting. This will prevent important information from falling through the cracks during the meeting. It is also beneficial to have a third party to read the minutes. This ensures that the person taking the minutes isn’t influenced and has a best business management software clear view of the contents of the minutes.

In addition to the primary aspects of the meeting it’s crucial to include the entire action taken at the meeting, and who was accountable for each item. Including these details will allow the board members to refer back to the minutes of the meeting in the future.

A final note on the presence of a majority be added. A quorum is defined as the presence of at least two-thirds the board members.

Lastly, it is important to record any documents passed around or any special presentations that were made during the meeting. In the minutes, it’s a good idea to include the date, dates and times of the meeting.

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